Vauxhall Astra Agila Corsa Meriva Tigra 1.3 Diesel Valve Rocker Arm 93177315 New

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Vauxhall 1.3 Valve Rocker Arm

Vauxhall Part Number 93177315  12855433


Astra H 2004-2010 with Z13DTH Engine Code

Agila A 2000-2008 with Z13DT Engine Code

Agila B 2008 with Z13DTJ Engine Code

Astra J 2010+ with A13DTE Engine Code

Corsa D 2007+ with Z13DTJ or A13DTC or Z13DTH or Z13DTE or A13DTR or A13DTE Engine Code

Corsa C 2001+ with Y13DT or Z13DT or Z13DTJ Engine Code

Meriva A 2003-2010 with Y13DT or Z13DT or Z13DTJ Engine Code

Meriva B 2010+ with A13DTC or A13DTE Engine Code

Tigra B 2004+ with Z13DT Engine Code

If you are unsure which engine code you have then please call us on or email us the car's registration and we will try and help you. 

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